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My Top 5 Reasons To Start A Workout Routine

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Now more than ever, working out has become a HUGE part of our society. Fitness is no longer simply an activity to prevent your weight from going overboard, it has become a lifestyle and everyone is craving to be part of the aesthetic crew. But you might be wondering what are the real reasons to start working out in the first place? How can I benefit? I am going to break down my top 5 reasons why I started lifting and how it has changed my life today.

1. It's Good For You!

Working out has been linked to so many health benefits, it's crazy. Not only does working out drastically reduce stress, but it increases the level of serotonin production. Serotonin is the hormone responsible for happiness. The more working out, the more serotonin. The more serotonin, the more prone you are to happiness! Besides the psychological benefits, working out reduces your overall body fat, increases the speed of your metabolism, and increases your endurance so you can be the last of standing in every activity you do!

2. Confidence

If I had a dollar for every time I've heard the phrase, "I'm not happy with the way I look" or "I wish I looked differently," I'd be a millionaire. Being confident in the skin you are in is extremely important and translates to better success in the workplace. Being your authentic, confident self will appear much more attractive to employers, potential friends, and the girls eyeing you up with your washboard abs on the beach. Next time you question whether or not to workout or have a cheat meal, remember your goal of getting that girl to notice you or losing that stubborn belly fat and go workout! The confident person with a dream physique will draw a lot more positive attention than an average joe! And who doesn't admire someone with Greek-God like aesthetics, am I right?

3. Your Fitness Life Is Directly Correlated With Productivity Levels

You may not be aware, but your workout habits correlate very closely with your every day productivity levels. Although this is not the case for every single human being, your ability to stay active on a daily basis can speed up and improve your daily habits and productivity. Sedentary lifestyles are associated with more passive, slower, and duller personality traits. If you want to improve that sedentary, subdued behavior and become ready to conquer, get a workout routine going! Like I said earlier, working out increases your serotonin levels. When you produce more serotonin, it is easier to stay productive!

4. The Importance Of Down Time Away From Work

So you're waking up at 6:30am, rushing to work and not getting home until 5pm, 5 days per week? That can get exhausting! Not to mention, it is a lot of time spent doing the same activity. I don't care how much you enjoy your job, it is very important to have another activity outside of work that can occupy down time to unwind, loosen the tie, and forget about that stress! In my personal experience, high school was a lot for me! I was overwhelmed with classes, sports were demanding, and being the only child in my home got lonely at times. When I "reluctantly" accepted my mom's advice to go to a workout class with a trainer, it instantly became my favorite part of the day and has been ever since. Working out gave me more confidence, peace of mind, and the downtime helped me become a better, more well-rounded individual than I was before.

5. The People Are Amazing

One of the most overlooked aspects of the fitness industry is the people that come with it. In the divided world we live in, I see the fitness industry as one of the most inclusive spaces out there. If you think about it, the gym is a very unique place. In every gym, there are people from all walks of life, whether they are young, old, tall, small, black, asian, hispanic, latino, white, male, or female. Each individual is different but is working towards a common goal to build up a sweat, burn some calories, and improve their lives in some way. Because there is a common goal, the gym tends to be a very supportive environment, where everyone is happy for the success of others. I rarely find people in the gym that are demeaning of others, rather, the vast majority are willing to help spot, take a video, and much more. I always tell people that most of my best friends were and still are made in the gym.

"Never Stop Believing In Who You Are."

- Gabe Cicala

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